Training Update:

Senior training will begin with restricted activities and special guidelines in place from 25th May.  Casey Hockey Club will be following guidelines provided by Hockey Victoria and the Victorian State Government.

There will be a duty officer or person in charge at all training sessions to assist with compliance.

The training groups have been posted on the team app and Facebook groups. Please make sure you have a look and keep updated if there are any changes. Please do not come to a training session that you are not allocated to.

If you have any queries, need to advise that you will not be able to make a training session or want to train and are not on the lists, please contact Michael Randall on 0403 681 570 for the men or David Hyland on 0427 318 720 for the women. (Feedback will be passed on to the coaches)

It is expected that restrictions could change quickly, so we will adapt as required.

Below are some of the main points from the training guidelines.

 Basic Guidelines for COVID-19 Hockey Training

  • If you are sick DO NOT attend the hockey club
  • Social distancing rules apply
  • No sharing of equipment (Coaches will handle the cones and balls)
  • Training drills will be designed with social distancing measures in place
  • Bring your own water bottle marked with your name
  • Hockey pitch will be divided into two zones with max 10 players plus coach in each zone
  • No spectators (If you need to wait for your child then you need to sit in the car)
  • If parents are training and due to family circumstances must bring their child, please contact David Hyland on 0427 318 720 to discuss special arrangements.
  • Training zones will have staggered start and finish times
  • Enter the facility no earlier than 5 min before allocated start time. (Goal keepers 10-15 min before start time)
  • No standing around close to other players during or in-between drills
  • Once the session concludes, participants should leave the facility immediately “get in, train, get out”
  • All participants will be required to sign in and out when arriving and leaving
  • No club rooms or changerooms will be available. Toilets only and restricted use
  • Do not come to any training session that you have not been allocated to.